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Formula del descuento excel

After putting, press Enter.
To find in the lower right corner of D2 of the column the marker of autocomplete.
You need to click on this point with the left mouse button, hold it and down the column.
When copying the formula those references reveal itself in different ways: the relative references changing, absolute references remain constant.Allocate numerical relevances of the amount column «value plus one more cell.Autocomplete ganar dinero por internet 2018 peru of the tables.For changing the values during copy a relative reference.Click on the cell B2 Excel it (the name of cell appeared in the formula, around the cell formed a rectangle).All cell references the program considers as relative, if the user has not settled another criterion.Let us consider the practical application of the formulas for newcomer users.Let's call the new column.Calcula el valor final una vez aplicado el descuento.Existen diferentes maneras de hallar el valor de un determinado descuento sobre una cifra inicial, pero sin duda alguna, la más sencilla es: valor del descuento (porcentaje descuento * Valor total) / 100.To get percents in Excel, dont have to multiply the"ent on 100.If the intervals between them the same a day, a month, an year.Use the autocomplete function.

To allocate the first two cells with the left mouse button the marker autocomplete pull down.
Valor de error aparezca cuando el campo está en blanco o divisor de 0 (cero).